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Watery eyes happen when eyes produce a surplus of tears, or in other words, when eyes make more tears than they can efficiently drain. This may be due to overproduction of tears, a complication with drainage, or both.

What Causes Watery Eyes?

There are several causes for watery eyes, including cold, allergies, foreign objects, or your body’s natural response to dry eyes.

Symptoms of Watery Eyes

The symptoms of watery eyes are self-explanatory: the eyes produce a high amount of excess tears involuntarily.

Treatment for Watery Eyes

Watery eyes are not a medical condition, but if they are persistent, ask an eye care professional for an examination. There could be an underlying cause you are unaware of (such as dry eye, in which case you may need artificial tears or eye drops), or a blockage of the tear ducts – both of which your doctor can help you with.